Vagina Warrior

An eight-week sex-life-changing workout

A Vagina Warrior is a woman who embraces and embodies her full erotic potential. She is confident. She is strong. She is sexually empowered. She knows herself. She loves herself. And she is ready to take on the orgasm at a time!

This course is more than a pelvic floor workout. It is an invitation to explore your sexuality and unleash your orgasmic capacity!

Through education, exercises, meditations and ancient Taoist practices this course will bring you back to your body, your innate sensuality and unleash your inner Vagina Warrior!

"Vagina Warrior is a great course if you're interested in exploring how to feel good in your body. My family has a lot of sexual trauma in our history and I'm learning to move past that through taking this course."

“[Vagina Warrior] has changed my sex life!

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Here's what you'll get from this course:

  • Connect with your body and your sexuality
  • Increase sensation in your vagina
  • Experience deeper stronger orgasms
  • Thaw out vaginal numbness
  • Reduce instances of painful sex
  • Increase genital arousal and lubrication
  • Maintain a lean and supple vagina
  • Use nutrition to support hormone production and healthy sexual function
  • Increase core strength
  • Increase libido and desire for sex
  • Build pelvic floor strength (and are sick of “Kegels”)
  • Improve issues with incontinence
  • Love yourself more deeply
  • Integrate more physical activity into your life
  • Build sexual self-confidence
  • Improve your current sex life
  • Create greater intimacy and pleasure in a relationship
  • Stoke the fires of your creative genius
  • Awaken your wild feminine nature!

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You have experienced an organ prolapse (Talk to you doctor first! If they recommend Kegels or pelvic floor exercises then you are good to become a Vagina Warrior! Just know this course must supplement doctor/physio treatments)
  • You experience chronic pelvic tension
  • You are pregnant or trying to get pregnant
  • You have an IUD (perhaps)

“I had my first vaginal orgasm after a few weeks of regular jade egg practices!”


“[I have noticed] stronger pelvic floor muscles and how to channel orgasms.”


“I have been getting wetter much more easily!”

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course you will know:

  • Foundational exercises for pelvic floor health and strength
  • Key exercises for improving core strength
  • How to use and care for a jade egg
  • Foods that support hormonal and reproductive health
  • Jade Egg practices to create a lean supple vagina, increase sensation in the vaginal canal, and access vaginal orgasms (including g-spot and cervical)
  • Breast massage
  • Meditations for connecting to your body, womb and vagina
  • Breath work to open your orgasmic capacity and heal emotional wounding

vagina warrior was a game changer!

"The jade egg practice is great for so many issues. It corrected my stress incontinence. I no longer have to cross my legs to sneeze, laugh or cough!"

Course Outline

Week One:

Hello Vagina

  • Why Pelvic Floor health is so important
  • Anatomy of the Pelvis
  • Introduction to the Jade Egg
  • Connecting to your Vagina
 Week Two:

The Awakened Vagina

  • Proper Jade Egg care and use
  • Preparing your Jade Egg for practice
  • Jade Egg warm-up ritual
  • The most important Jade Eggercise you will EVER learn!
Week Three

The Strong Vagina

  • Introduction to breath work
  • How to harvest and move sexual energy
  • Jade Egg G-Spot activation
  • Jade Egg vaginal strengthening 1
Week Four:

Break Week I

  • Catch up on any lessons you have yet to complete
  • Practice exercises to increase tone and sensation in the vagina
  • Touch base with the community and join our weekly call to ask questions and get connected
Week Five:

The Wise Vagina

  • Foods to nourish vaginal and hormonal health
  • Herbal Elixir for energy and arousal
  • Awakening libido Jade Egg practice
  • Jade Egg isolation strength training 2
Week Seven:

Break Week II

  • Catch up on any lessons you have yet to complete
  • Practice exercises to increase tone and sensation in the vagina
  • Touch base with the community and join our weekly call to ask questions and get connected


Week Six:

The Enlightened Vagina

  • Reflexology of the genitals
  • Jade Egg revving sensual pleasure
  • Jade Egg isolation strength training 3


Week Eight:

The Passionate Vagina

  • Heart-Yoni connection
  • Breast care and guided breast massage
  • Jade Egg for heart opening
  • Jade Egg standing strength training
  • Vagina Warrior post workout smoothie

But that's not all...

Bonus workout modules are included to optimize core and pelvic floor strength!

Bonus Material

Bonus Module One

A complete breakdown of proper core activation and exercise execution to promote better posture and pelvic floor engagement.


Bonus Module Two

A fully guided 20-minute core workout and PDF guide that can be done at home! These exercises compliment your jade egg practices and also strengthen the core; getting you lady-bit-fit fast!

Bonus Module Three

A second fully guided 20-minute core workout and PDF handout to activate your deep core muscles and further enhance your pelvic floor strength.

Thank you so much to Sarah and Kendra for your hard work and dedication to us women.


You are both so brave to put out “front and center”, what we women need to know to take care of ourselves.
Engaging in your program has made me more confident and shown me how to step into my own feminine power.
You have directed the course in a loving safe space that welcomes us all and is so very supportive. I thank you wholeheartedly for that. You are both full of knowledge and energetic and passionate about your work. And that is exactly what is needed to drive this kind of platform.
You do it so very well, and I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity to work and grow with you both. Thank you thank you thank you.

- Rebecca, student of Vagina Warrior

Are you ready, Vagina Warrior?

"My incontinence is under control and I feel like I have a stronger core! I have noticed that I now hold myself better and my posture has improved. Not only that, but my vagina is more lubricated and my menstrual cycle hasn’t been so 'messy.' I tend to have a lot of menstrual issues, and this was a noticeable and unexpected surprise for me!"

What's Included:


Two hours of education video tutorials


Access to ESC's private Facebook community


GIA certified 100% Nephrite Jade Egg


Multiple guided Jade Egg practices


Email support from Kendra and Sarah


Drink recipes that support Pelvic Floor health


Opportunity to connect with like-minded women and openly discuss issues around sex and sexuality


Lifetime access to all Vagina Warrior course material

So... if you said “YES” to investing in your personal growth, “YES” to sexual growth, “YES” to your wild feminine nature, and “YES” to awakening your inner Vagina Warrior we would be thrilled to have you join us on this journey

Become a Vagina Warrior for just


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After our journey of 8 weeks together, I can say that I feel more confident about my body and my yoni!

During that time I notice an immense strength in my pelvic muscles. Also I want to mention that I have been more juicy during sex and it doesn't take long to get me juicy as it did before. This course has been so much fun and empowering and I know with more practice and patience my results will be even greater!! Thank you so much Sarah and Kendra!

- Natalia, student of Vagina Warrior


Over two hours of educational video tutorials
VALUED AT $1,000

Multiple audio practices, included nine guided jade egg practices
VALUED AT $1,500

Recipes for pelvic floor health

Eight live Q&A coaching calls with Kendra and Sarah
VALUED AT $1,600.00

GIA Certified Nephrite Jade Egg

Proper core activation tutorial (bonus module)

Two fully guided core workouts (bonus module)

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This is information we want as many women to access as possible!

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Are you ready to become a Vagina Warrior?