Sarah Bellwood, CNP

Mind Body Nutrition is a mixture of respectful inquiry, conversation, listening, teaching points, experimentation, exploration and well-chosen action steps.

It’s designed to help you reach your goals, to properly evaluate and re-adjust your goals when necessary, and you help you have an empowered relationship with food and body.

My role is to assist with the improvement of eating challenges such as weight, overeating, binge eating, body image, chronic dieting, and nutrition related health concerns such as digestion, fatigue, mood, cognition, immunity, and more.

Every client’s journey is unique and will require different tools, techniques and strategies along the way.

I can help individuals struggling with:

  • Binge eating
  • Over eating
  • Chronic dieting
  • A troubled relationship with food
  • Over-thinking about weight, shape and food
  • Body image
  • Creating a healthy relationship with food and body
  • Dieting and find a lifestyle that works
  • Personal Training and exercise selection
  • Proper nutrition and supplementation
  • Mood
  • Low energy
  • Weight management
  • Digestion, and more!
It is easy to get sucked in to the latest diet trend. Excessive dieting can leave us feeling tired, hungry, frustrated and miserable.
This may result in low libido, low mood, increased hunger and cravings, and a unstable relationship with food, body and appetite. Rarely do we slow down to eat and enjoy our food from a from a place of awareness and embodiment.
If you have tried every diet in the book and have yet to see long term, maintainable results... it may be time to consider a new approach.
I take a non-restrictive approach to dieting and weight loss and I believe that there is room for all foods. I look at each clients individual needs and lifestyle to help them step into a routine that compliments their lifestyle - not over powers it.

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